Mr. Beauty by Robert Montagnese

MrBeautyCoverHiResMr. BEAUTY is a moniker given to Robert Montagnese by several of the best publishers in the beauty magazine trade. With that in mind, and 30 years of expertise in beauty, health and fashion, Robert came up with an idea to get closer to the core of the consumers buying the products that are advertised in all aspects of our lives – traditional and digital.

What better way to collect this data than to become an Avon Sale Rep and sit down one-on-one with the women who are making these purchases? Signing up in the East Harlem NY Avon recruiting headquarters, Robert sets out with his beauty pamphlets and samples to discover the truth about how women feel about beauty care.

What he discovers and reveals in this book are the insights on the topics of beauty, product innovation and celebrity value. In addition to the valuable conversations that he had with women on these topics, he quickly learns how much women like to talk about their beliefs and attitudes on beauty care and its current relevance in their lives.

Rich in new insights on beauty care, Mr. Beauty is an entertaining, and sometimes shocking study on what women really think and say on the topic of beauty.

Proceeds from the sale of Mr. Beauty are being donated to Pancreatic Cancer

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