CONTENT…The NEW fabric of our lives.

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Too much of a good thing?

The changing world of brand communications, or to be honest, selling products, has taken on a new format to attract buyers…it’s called content.  Content is the “new” communication tool that engages consumers to connect with brands.  It is the fuel that feeds today’s consumer insatiable appetite habit to search for information or simply to be entertained.   Brand’s today can only hope that this connection will translate into sales.  At the very least be shared to amplify the brand message.

Content in beauty can be anything from the latest runway looks and trends to how to get the perfect cat eye tutorial.  However content is expanding beyond the expected look and how to.  A Google/Millward Brown Beauty Digital Study indicates that 49% of undecided women shopping on-line begin their search with non branded questions…for example, “how do I get the perfect cat eye?”  This number is expected to grow as more and more consumers, especially in beauty and the use of mobile devices.  So the shift in content is from that which engages to content that provides answers.  I did learn in my research from Jan Godsk of BCMA (Brand Content Marketing Association), that there are two approaches to content.

The first is Branded Content Marketing Campaigns that are used to connect consumers on an emotional level, think Dove Real Beauty.  This content is primarily a brand message of empowerment with no product sell.  The second as Jan called it is Content Marketing Campaigns which provide brand/product information and a definite RTB which intent is to lead to product purchase.

All this chat about content makes me realize that it is a good thing.  The at your fingertips convenience of both information and entertainment to keep us occupied and informed. Especially when one is looking for the perfect cat eye that will empower them to act.  From desk top computers, laptops, tablets, smart watches and mobile devices that provide an always there for you service, content is indeed becoming the new fabric of our lives.

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