Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Which Celebrity & Beauty Brand Has It All?

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Celebrities and Beauty Brands have been having a love affair for a long time, but do women in the real world think they’re worth it?

Today the multibillion dollar beauty industry features celebrities across some of the top beauty brands.  Take for example L’Oreal Paris, Lancome, Neutrogena and Cover Girl.  These 4 beauty companies combined feature 25 celebrities in their advertising with L’Oreal Paris and Cover Girl tied for having the most in their portfolio.  What’s the point behind all of this beauty bling?

What I learned from the interviewees in MR. BEAUTY is that there is a lot of confusion around matching the celebrity to a brand she represents.  The women in the study suggested that this mix up is due to 3 basic elements.  The shear number of celebrity endorsements is the number one reason for the confusion.  Secondly, the number of celebrities that switch to competitive brands, for example, Keri Washington who was once a L’Oreal Paris spokeswoman is now representing Neutrogena, and Julianne Moore was once a face for Revlon and is now part of the “I’m Worth It” dream team .   Last of all, if the celebrity is unrelatable, she is also unmemorable.

I also learned from the interviewees examples of when a celebrity and beauty brand hook up works.  Examples provided included Katy Perry (pre Cover Girl) expressing her frustrations with her skin and a credible before and after demonstration of the results of using Pro-Activ.  Andie MacDowell is a celebrity that was universally loved by the interviewees because of her authenticity, style and classic beauty.  A third for completely different reasons was Ellen Degeneres with her unexpected, but inclusive appearance as a spokesperson for Olay.

When all is said and done a celebrity can provide enormous thrust for a beauty brand if the match up provides 3 basic elements: Credibility – she actually uses the product,  Authenticity – she is speaking from her heart and not a script, Awareness – she provides unexpected impact in a positive way.

To learn more about the power of celebrity and beauty brands pick up a copy of MR. BEAUTY: AN AFFAIR WITH THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY.

Purchase the book at amazon.com/gp/product/1508619573



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