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Welcome to Mr. Beauty Blog. With the launch of my new book, Mr. Beauty – An Affair with the Beauty Industry, (available on and your Kindle), I was encouraged to write a blog.  While I am familiar with blogs, especially those that cover beauty, I wondered to myself what would separate Mr. Beauty Blog from all the others?  Since the platform for the book is rooted in observation it only made sense that the blog did too.  So Mr. Beauty Blog is not a “how to” or the “latest in color trends”, rather it is observation and insights on how women approach the topic of beauty.

Given the number of beauty bloggers, just Google for yourself and you will be amazed – I thought I would ask 5 urban sophisticated well-informed women who are their favorite beauty bloggers.  The result was fascinating. The women mentioned 15 different beauty blogs as their favorite. From Into the Gloss to Refinery29 with Brooklyn Blonde in between, not one of the five had the same blogger on their list.  I thought that it was interesting that among a small sample of women who share very similar profiles that not one of the beauty blog sites was shared among the group.

It made total sense to me that given my research for Mr. Beauty and what I learned about how women approach the topic.  For women it is not a one size fits all kind of thing.  They look at beauty in the context of their lives and early experiences.  For example, a woman growing up with a mother who believes healthy skin is the key to beauty, skin care is therefore top of mind when asked about beauty care. As the same woman begins to describe other beauty care items it is clear that the topic shifts to products that fit into her lifestyle.  Therefore it’s only logical that when seeking advice and inspiration it would be from blogger sites that offer diverse content – color cosmetics to fashion trends women are using blogs today that provide lifestyle inspiration.

Tune in next week to Mr. Beauty Blog when I follow up on the topic of Beauty Bloggers that Blog Beauty. In the meantime let Mr. Beauty know who are your favorite beauty blogs.

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